Frequently Asked Questions

-How can I buy a business?
The first step would be to visit our marketplace to see what sites we have for sale. The sellers flesh out all the details of their business and show various screenshots of their revenue and traffic data directly in the listing. 

To purchase a business, click the Buy It Now button and complete payment through Paypal. 
Once someone decides to buy a business for sale in Mega Flippers we start the process of buying and selling. This process consists of the following steps:

1. Make a payment of the total value of the business to Mega Flippers. (This payment can be done through Paypal).
2. As soon as Mega Flippers confirms the buyer's payment the business migration process begins.
3. Migration of business. This process can take from 1 day to 3 days depending on the seller's 'delivery date' option.
4. The buyer confirms that the migration of the business has been completed successfully.
5. ?ega Flippers makes the agreed payment to the seller.
6. As soon as the seller receives payment of the business, the process of buying and selling is complete.

-How can I contact the business seller?
You can contact the seller directly through private message or public comment in the listing. We recommend you to contact sellers and ask any questions about the business you are interested in.

-What fees does Mega Flippers charge?
You won't be charged a listing fee when you list an asset for sale. You will only be charged a fee for creating a sponsored listing; there is no fee for editing a listing.
10% success fee is only charged when the buying and selling process is finalized. If the deal does not materialize we do not charge any fee.