POST How To Buy And Sell Online Businesses

How To Buy And Sell Online Businesses

We want to provide an easy, fast and safe selling and buying process.

Each of our menus is well-designed and perfect so you can enjoy a smooth buying and selling process. Domain purchases have definite verification to guarantee valid domain ownership. Likewise in app purchases. For website purchases, also connect directly with Google Analytics to ensure the quality of traffic and the website is genuine and real. So, every purchase is guaranteed quality and authenticity.

Our company is officially registered so that all transactions are guaranteed safe.

In addition, financial transactions are encrypted using third parties such as Paypal and Escrow, which are even capable of handling transactions worth millions of dollars. In addition, of course, the transaction fee is ZERO PERCENT, so you can be comfortable making transactions.

Check below the process for buyers and sellers.


  • Can making bids or offers on a Seller's listing.
  • Need to be accepted by the Seller into an auction before their bid is approved
  • Once an auction's current bid price meets or exceeds the listing's reserve price or an offer is accepted for a classified listing, a Sale is created from the existing conversation between Buyer and Seller and the payment process can begin.
  • After payment, Seller transfer assets to Buyer, MegaFlippers does not take part in any transfer.
  • When the Buyer accepts the delivery, the transaction is completed and the sale is finalized.
  • If Buyer or Seller has any concerns about a transaction, they should contact MegaFlippers directly for assistance.


  • Can list their Businesses for sale as auction listings or classified listings.
  • It's necessary to include evidence of their profits ( if any ) and to be clear about their Business details.
  • Do not have to accept any offer unless it meets their requirements.
  • Create listings of the business that they wish to sell and then chose to sell them as either a 14 days auction or a classified, selecting a minimum reserve (auction) or minimum asking price (classified) that they wish to sell for.