POST How To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

How To Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

Catch it! Do not miss it! Only for 2 days! Learn how these phrases can motivate you and drive your sales.

Conversion optimization, ie the actions taken to increase the percentage of visitors converted to customers, is not just about design, colors and call to action. It has a lot to do with the psychology of the user. In fact, the best marketing practices are often those related to human psychology.

A "psychological trick" to grab the interest of your users is to make them feel urgent. In this article we will look at practices to increase your sales by making your visitors want to act fast.

Limited number of products

How to increase your sales by creating a sense of urgency!

The rarity of a product is an example that makes your potential customers feel they need to act immediately. This is because when a person knows that something is ending, he wants it more and wants to catch it.

If you are creating a product or providing a service, you can deliberately reduce the amount of production or benefits and spread it to your online presence to increase demand. For example you can refer to the product page in your ecommerce store when a product has a small stock. Or you can make a post in which you say that "there are few places left" for this or that event.

Show that he can lose it

When a person believes that there is a chance to "lose" something then he acts immediately instinctively. In fact, his desire not to lose something is greater than his desire to gain something. If circumstances allow, use in your digital marketing strategy the technique of making the user feel that he will lose something if he does not do what you want.

Of course you should not follow spam techniques such as messages like "if you do not send this to 10 friends, you will have 10 years of itching". But for example, you can remind a user that if there is no activity in their account soon, then it will be permanently deleted.

Offer for limited days

Reminding the user that they have little time left to anticipate an offer works like the watch mentioned above. When creating your digital marketing strategy keep in mind that a good way to get users to respond to your call is to remind them that they have little time to seize an opportunity. Try it in a post on social media or in the subject of your next promotional email.

Use red color

Red is the color that, most of all perhaps, catches the attention of users. This is because it increases the feeling of urgency and causes a slight increase in heart rate, excitement and mobility.

Do not hesitate to choose red when you want to emphasize to the user the need to do something, that it is something important.

Express yourself accordingly

Many times one word is enough to make users feel urgent. Below you will find some words and phrases that you can use for this purpose:

Hurry up
Catch it
Limited days (eg only for 2 days / 5 hours)
Dont miss
Last one
Expires (eg expires today)
Until / until (Offer valid until August 20)
Stayed (eg 2 days left)

Talk to them about their problems

An unpleasant situation or a problem makes a person consider that it is imperative to take action in order to improve the situation. Remind your potential customers why they need you and how you will solve a problem for them. Help them identify their needs and present them with the solution they should choose, ie your products or services. 
Ads of the form “Are you still looking for an open agency? Book your tickets online ”or“ See the 5 cosmetic products that every woman should have in her bag ”are based on this principle.

Last Chance

When you "threaten" your visitors that this is their last chance to do something, you increase their chances of doing so. 
For example, you can send your subscribers an email informing them that the last specific seminar will take place in a few days.

Whatever technique you choose to apply, try to do it with discretion and relativity and you will see results in your sales.