POST 5 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

5 Ways to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Zero Sales

More than 49% of those who avoid online shopping admit that the cause is the insecurity they feel. Regardless of the type and quality of your products, if visitors consider your e-shop reliable, they will definitely buy it. Trust is therefore the key to turning a simple visitor to your online store into a customer.

But what are the most common consumer fears?

1. Is this company real?

2. Can I shop safely?

3. Will I like this product when I see it up close?

4. Is there customer support to help me?

5. What is the return policy?

Here are some ways to reduce the above fears and gain the trust of potential customers:

1. Utilize the content of the site

Do not forget to add the history of the brand: how you started, what was your initial inspiration, what are the values ??of your business. You can even shoot product videos to highlight your product and its usefulness and convince even the most reluctant. In addition, a blog with authentic content and tips about your products will help a lot. Finally, prefer realistic photos . Avoid to copy images from other blog.

2. Add a live chat

It is especially important to have active support, at least on weekdays and hours. Prefer to write in simple and understandable language, so that the audience understands you. This way you gain his trust, because he can approach you for any question. The rest of the hours and days you can use a chat bot. Link it to your e-shop and set the scenarios with the most common questions of users.

3. You must have active social media accounts

Connect your e-shop with social media. Very often customers will prefer to ask something about your products on the brand social media. Therefore, properly train anyone who has taken over the management. At the same time, careful social media accounts increase your credibility and enhance the image of your e-shop. You can also encourage consumers to communicate e.g. on Facebook to write a review on your page. Positive ratings will convince even the most hesitant!

4. Add an SSL security certificate

Every website must obtain an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security certificate. By using an SSL certificate, you protect your customers' personal data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) and secure online transactions with them. This creates a trustworthy space where your customers feel safe.

5. Indicate shipping method and return policy

Pay close attention to the check out and make the forms for filling in the personal details as simple as possible. According to MarketLive 62% of customers leave check out. Payment must be made in many ways to serve your customers (PayPal, Viva Wallet, credit & debit cards). Alternatively you can provide cash on delivery but you need to be careful, because you can have many returns! In any case, do not forget that the check out process must be simple, fast, easy and understandable! Finally, indicate on a special page what applies to returns (time, product status, refund).

The most important thing is that customers are happy and trust your e-shop and products. So follow the tips above and listen to their needs. It is up to you to turn the visitors of your e-shop into loyal customers.

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