POST How To Make Your Website Sell More

How To Make Your Website Sell More

Internet marketing is now an important mechanism for any website that requires an online presence.

When people are on your website you have managed to get their interest.

From the hundreds or even thousands of web-sites that sell your product or service, they chose your own site which means that you have done a good job of bringing visitors.

First goal achieved!

But you should know that more traffic does not necessarily mean more sales.

Being in the top five of Google is important, but that does not automatically mean that you will have more sales!

The sale will be made through your page.

A common observation I can make on most websites (of course there are several worthwhile works) is that they are designed without taking into account the basic features that have to do with human psychology and way of thinking.

We will look at some of these elements below.

The 1st step in Internet Marketing

So what is the next step of someone who enters your page that you have managed with so much effort (and money)? Have you thought about it? Have you designed it?

Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it's time to start a new Google search or create a niche design site.

Your site is there to bring you more customers and sales and not just to "find" you.

The same goes for social media and especially your business Facebook page. There is no Strategy and no plan to increase sales and customers beyond a few Likes!

When someone enters in your website for the first time, you have 7 seconds (some talk for 3 sec) to understand that it is in the right place and did not click the wrong Link!

It is just a click away from disappearing forever.

So make sure you have a clear message about what you are doing and what someone will get from your page.

But is that enough? Of course not. But it is the first step to understand that it is in the "right place" and to continue below!

Before buying from your site someone will need to see that you are trustworthy and can trust you.

No one will give you their credit card without first having a series of thoughts and feelings: "I'm in the right place - this site provides the solution to my problem - I can trust it - it looks trustworthy".

In order for the site visitor to think and feel in this way (and in this order) some things will need to be done, such as planning for the collection of visitor data, creating a list, etc.

Clear Call to Action

What I can say is that in order to become a customer and not just a visitor who "came-looked-and left", you need to lead them to a clear Call-to-Action.

And here's the point that most websites really "lose"!

They have no motivational message in any action.

If you do not tell your site visitor what you want them to do, do not expect them to figure it out on their own.

Most people visit a site and after browsing for a while leave - just because nothing happened and that was because there was no clear message "Do it now".

People now have limited time and are so busy that they can not afford to look for it and figure out for themselves what to do!

Guide them! Help them find what they are looking for without letting them "guess" what to do!

And since we have done everything right so far and we have the first orders (best case scenario), most will think "nicely here our work ends".

Your work then begins!

Actual revenue will come from existing customers and repeat sales.

Do not make the mistake of thinking "he became our customer - we do not need to deal with him again".

You are too tired to bring it to your site and make it buy. Do not leave him now that he "got ahead"!

The above are not theoretical. They are a very concise description of the "System" that a site should follow to generate sales and not just visitors!

Remember that your website is designed to bring you customers and sales and not to show off how beautiful it is (maybe for that but it should not be your priority).