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MegaFlippers - Domain, Website and App Marketplace

What is MegaFlippers?

MegaFlippers is a marketplace for selling or buying domains, websites and applications. To make it easier to describe it, just like in the real world there is a business of buying and selling property whether land, house or company, MegaFlippers is a marketplace for buying and selling property online. Domain name - is the same as land or address in cyberspace. The website is the material or the company and the house, while the application is a system that runs the business in cyberspace that operates for cellphones or mobile phones.

Well, is a place for online businesses to buy or sell websites domains and apps .

Is a domain name worth it?

Yes, it was originally purchased at regular prices. But if the domain name really represents a particular product and is no longer available - then the domain name becomes an invaluable treasure because the number 2 is not available. The owner of the domain name becomes the sole owner - with all the potential that the domain name can bring.

For example, the domain name - purchased by Facebook for 8.5 million because became the name for the expansion of the Facebook brand. Even the most expensive domain name,, is worth 90 million. Imagine how expensive a premium domain name that used to be bought for only $ 10.

You can buy domains in our marketplace, you can find a few in lowest price in auction. Just place your bid and wait until end the auction.

What about the website? Is it worth it?

Okay, maybe now it is understood that domain names are valuable when no one has bought them yet, and the potential for these domain names to attract visitors or also because they are associated with brands.

What about the website, is the website valuable enough to sell? Aren't websites just meaningless files?

Yes, a website is just a combination of several files that contain code to run a system designed by the website creator. The file itself may not be valuable because it can be just a file. MegaFlippers also opens space to sell websites that are still files to run the system, but do not yet have a business. Yes, websites that are new and not yet operational with real visitors and businesses.

So, what makes a website expensive is a website with a familiar domain name - one that has a business operating system - and one that has customers / business flows. This means that the website is well known and capable of carrying out business transactions - and has a customer database to make transactions against the business. That is what makes a website so expensive.

For example, a website that has regular customers and regularly makes purchases - with a regular income per year - can be resold for 8-10 times the monthly income. In fact, for some types of businesses - the selling price of a website can be 15-24 times their monthly income. So, for those of you who sell your online business, you can be sure that you will enjoy the income of the business that has been sold for the next 2 years. Or - those of you who have already purchased a website as a running business - you can get a return on your investment in just a few years - without having to try all over again.

Many online businesses will be built and sold, with even greater value. Therefore, MegaFlippers is preparing itself for such a future - which hopefully it will not be too long - to become the leader in the marketplace for buying and selling domains, websites and applications.

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You can buy websites in our marketplace, you can find starter and established websites.