POST 10 Steps For A Successful Advertising

10 Steps For A Successful Advertising

In this article you'll learn to write successful ads.

You certainly will not become an "expert" by reading 10 points - but you will get a lot of ideas and inspiration, while you will see what you should avoid.

Here are some tips to help you create effective ads.

1. First of all, before you start advertising, think about why you want to advertise.

It is something that many do not understand. Want to introduce a new product? Increase the visibility of your business? Promote a new offer? What exactly do you want to achieve? Think about it before you start.

2. Clarify where you are going.

And once you are sure of the reason you are advertising, now think about the "target market" you want to address. The ideal "readers - potential buyers". Ideal is the customer you want to have hundreds of them. If you can not identify them - then you can not find them! You only want to address those who are more likely to buy. Identify your "ideal" customer and you will have solved half the puzzle!

3. What do you want to say through your ad?

Clearly state the message of your ad. You should know that people ask 2 questions. The first is: Why buy this? and the second is: Why should I buy it from you? If you can not answer them you have failed. Everything else is unnecessary.

4. Choose the right advertising medium.

To choose the right medium, you must first know to whom your message is addressed. We solved this in Number 2. Now think: which newspapers are they most likely to read? which magazines? which radios are they most likely to listen to? which web-site do they visit? do they use facebook? where do they frequent? You should have an answer to the above questions.

5. Write as you speak.

Avoid technical terminology and words that will impress. Most likely you will confuse your "readers - potential customers". Most people are more comfortable reading the way they speak.

6. Sell solutions not products.

Your clients are searching for solutions to their problems. They are not interested in your product or company, but neither are you personally. All they care about is finding the best possible solution to their problem, as cheaply and quickly as possible. Nothing else! In essence, your product "stands" between them and the solution they are looking for - which costs them money! So change your approach and way of thinking. Find the solutions your customers want and write in your ad how you can meet them.

7. Spend a lot of time on your headline.

First of all we have to say that your ad should have a headline. Do not put your logo and contact information on top. Write a title which will catch the attention of the reader. Write 10 titles before deciding which one to use. The title is considered as the advertisement of the ad and you should pay close attention to it. Research has shown that the title reads six to seven times more than the rest of the ad.

8. Ask your prospective readers to do something.

It's funny how many ads do not include this step. Ask them to come and buy your product. Ask them to visit your website, call you, or go through your store. I do not know exactly what this will be for you, but ask them to do something!

9. Choose efficiency from design.

If everyone is looking at the fancy design of your ad, then it has failed. You don't want everyone to say, "What a nice ad". Do not forget that, you want to "sell". The right design in an ad should be invisible. To highlight the points that should be without playing the leading role.

10. Test constantly.

The most critical step in increasing its efficacy is evaluating the results of ads. If you make an entry in the newspaper and no one has called you, then change the title or image. Run two identical ads with different headlines in two different newspapers at the same time, and with different contact numbers. See which works best. Measuring the effectiveness of advertising on the internet is easier, either using Google Adwords or facebook Ads.

Here are 10 things you all need to know before you start an ad.

There are many more to consider (we could not analyze them all in one article), but by applying the above, you have definitely laid the foundation to make your ads effective.

In closing, one more point that I think you should keep in mind is the new buying trends.

My feeling, and that of many others, is that the "buying decisions" of more and more people are based on common values, the same way of thinking, and the same perspectives that are created between buyer and seller.

The feeling that you are "moving on the same wavelength" with someone else, and that the other person really understands you, makes you open and willing to work with him.